As of May 2014, 10 undergraduate programs have been granted Level III re-accredited status by AACCUP. Three of these programs – agriculture, elementary teacher education and secondary teacher education, have pending assessment for Level IV status come December 8-12, 2014. The Master of Education (MAED) program will also be undergoing evaluation for Level III statusAccredStat on the same date. Still another seven undergraduate programs were granted candidate status for Level I, including the veterinary medicine which is already TPAE accredited. Meanwhile in the graduate level, three programs have been granted Level III re-accredited status (Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences, Ed.D. in Educational Management, and M.S. in Agriculture). MAED is currently under Level II re-accredited status while three more programs are candidate for Level I.

More than half (57.69%) of the College program offerings (both graduate and undergraduate courses) are already acrredited as of May 2014. Three graduate courses and seven undergraduate courses are ready to be accredited by December 2014 as they were already adjudged to be candidate for level I status during the preliminary visits made by AACCUP on October 22-25, 2013. Due to the hectic schedule and unavailability of AACCUP evaluators, their evaluation for accreditation to

Level I status will be done in the second quater of 2015. PAC has three undergraduate programs (Agriculture, AccredStat2Secondary and Elementary Education) which are already candidates for Level IV status. The assessment of the Agriculture program for Level IV accreditation is on-going and will be finalized (including the Secondary and Elementary Education programs) on December 8-12, 2014.