The Institute of Agriculture Systems and Technology (IAST) was born when the revised organizational structure of the Pampanga Agricultural College (PAC) was approved by the PAC board of trustees on October 8, 2011 under Board Resolution No. 11-39.

Four academic departments merged to constitute the IAST. Thus, the IAST now comprises the Departments of Animal Science, Crop Science, Economics & Management and Forestry & Agro-foresty.

The IAST offers academic programs leafing to Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences with majors in Animal Science and Crop Science; Doctor of Philosophy in Management, Master of Science in Agriculture with majors in Animal Science, Agronomy, and Horticulture; Masters in Business Management and Masters in Public Administration, Bachelor of Science with majors in Animal Science, Agronomy, Crop Protection, and Horticulture; and Bachelor in Forestry and Bachelor of Science in Forestry. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economic and Entrepreneur,

The Institute is accredited by the Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to which exit points are defined giving agriculture/agroforestry  students the opportunity to receive Certificate on Agricultural Technology thusmaking them skilled and competitive work force of the country and abroad.  In accordance with the Comission on Higher Education memorandum order (CMO #14, s 2008), IAST implemented its first cycle last first semester of June, 2010 to standardize policies  for the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

The board resolution No. 11-39 was approved due to the following justifications:

1. The Pampaga Agricultural College is mandated to re-invent agriculture in order to establish flagship program that can be developed into COD/COE.

2. To further develop the offering of agriculture and allied course.

3. To meet the challenge of food security and climate change,