The administration is the engine of the University in the attainment of its vision, mission, goals and objectives. It is concerned with the general affairs of the institution as well as its organizational performance. Thus, the administration adopts institutional process and ensures the said process are satisfactorily implemented.

     Fund generation from various sources in 2013 reached more than PhP 22M obtained from our partners and benefactors. These funding support came in the form of scholarship grants (9%), R&DE projects (68%), and institutional development projects (23%). With a net income of PhP 2,188,942.00 in 2013, the College's 16 income generating projects (IGPs) have surpassed by 102.47% their 2012 performance of PhP 1,081,110.35 only. This consequently resulted to a 90.95% improvement in the IGPs' return on investment (ROI) of 12.38% in 2012 to 23.64% in 2013 which shows the enhanced capability of PAC to better manage its business program. As regards faculty and staff development, there were 84 faculty members and 24 nonteaching personnel who attended a total of 98 local trainings/seminars including international conferences. Relative to this, 10 faculty pursued their respective graduate degree programs while another six finished their graduate programs, that is, two Ph.D. and eight masters degree. In terms of journal publications, 11 scientific papers were published in six different international journals, while another three authors published their papers in three different national journals. Our faculty profile is a something to boast about. Currently, the College has 171 faculty members (with plantilla positions). Forty one percent (41%) have reached the faculty rank of professor down to assistant professor. The remaining 59% are instructors. The full professors make up 8%, associate professors 9%, and assistant professors 23%. The doctorate degree holders account for 20% while another 26% are actively engaged in their Ph.D. programs. Only a small fraction of 1% are bachelors degree holders. The biggest chunk, 37% have masters degree. As we submit this accomplishment report, we acknowledge and recognize the contributions of our faithful benefactors and partners which include RRI, CHED, DBM, PhilRice, DA, BAR, DOST, PCAARRD, and LGUs, among many others. We owe so much from them. Thus, the Lord has ordained that PAC should prosper. To God be the glory!