Warmest greetings from the office of the Admission of Pampanga State Agricultural University. 

As thousands of secondary school students graduate this April 2015, this University is open to admit all in-coming college freshmen for the coming school year 2015-2016. Thus, the office of Admission is inviting everyone to come and visit us and get all the needed information about the curricular programs, student and other services, scholarships, sports activities, exposures to academic experiences and field activities, environment-friendly, clean and green campus, and many more. 

This university anticipates the motivatoin and excitement of countless fresh graduates from high school as they enter college life. Many are eager to meet new friends while at the same time very enthusiastic to prove themselves academically or intellectually capable in any course of their own choice or preference. 

Rest assured that PSAU is prepared to provide assistance to all students as regards to academic and other curricular activities or concerns. Furthermore, this institution is directed on focused on providing holistic education to our students as well as training on entrepreneurial skills to prepare them for gainful employment after graduation. 

If and when a student decides to take a college degree/course at PSAU, the office of Admission hopes that the student will decide to take the most out of every meaningful experience or academic trainings available in order to become a well-rounded person ---fit to meet the demands of life after college graduation.



Director of Admission