imagesWYEFF3MECHED In Demand Courses 2014 2018


Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences   

  • Animal Science
  • Crop Science


Doctor of Education

  • Major: Educational Management

Master of Science in Agriculture

  • Animal Science
  • Horticulture
  • Crop Science
  • Agronomy

Master of Arts in Education

  • Educational Management
  • General Science
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Physical Education


Master of Science in Biology































College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

College of Agriculture Systems & Technology

  • BS in Agriculture

                        Major: Animal Science,



                                    Crop Protection

  • BS in Forestry
  • BS in Agro forestry
  • BS in Fisheries
  • BS in Agricultural Business
  • BS in Agricultural Economics
  • BS in Entrepreneurship
  • BS in Development Communication

      College of Resource Engineering Automation & Mechanization

  • BS in Agricultural Engineering
  • BS in Geodetic Engineering
  • BS in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Computer Programming
  • Diploma in Computer Secretarial

College of Education, Languages and Life Sciences

  • Bachelor of Secondary Education

                              Major: English,




                                         General Science

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education

                              Major: Pre School Education,

                                         Generalist Education

  • BS in Biology
  • BS in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Arts in English

College of Hospitality Economics and Food Sciences

  • BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management