Governance and management shall focus on the following thrusts under the acronym


T • Train students to become technically competent and equipped with desirable values to meet the challenges of countryside development and globalization.
H • Human resource development and empowerment for faculty and administrative personnel for participatory governance and management.

• Rationalization of the implementation of various income-generating projects (IGPs).

U • Utilization and commercialization of viable technologies developed from Research, Development and Extension
(RDE) activities that will accelerate productivity through entrepreneurship. Thus, increasing the income among clients in the countryside.

• Strategic alliance, linkage and partnership with other institutions and entities both government and non-government, locally and overseas, to generate external resources and logistical support for the implementation of relevant programs and projects.

T • Teamwork and harmony among faculty, administration, students and parents, alumni and retirees in a continuing quest for excellence in education.
S • State-of-the-Art facilities for instruction, research, extension and training programs of the College.