new cynthia galvezThe Guidance Counseling and Testing Center and Students' Scholarship, Assistantship and Job Placement welcome you to the Pampanga State Agricultural University (PSAU). Mabuhay po kayo!
Following are the Vision-Mission, Specific Objectives and Annual Program of Activities of the Guidance Center.
To complement the University's vision-mission, hence, to prepare young men and women to a valued and wholesome life as a self-directed, growing and maturing individual equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to face the many challenges of the modern society.
1.    To instill genuine and positive values to students;
2.    To provide the students with coping skills in handling various situations;
3.    To assist students in their academic, personal, social, emotional, educational and spiritual growth through the various guidance activities;
4.    To help the students in the development of their ability to form opinions and make decisions for themselves; and,
5.    To spur on every individual in the developmental tasks of emerging, rising beyond self and evolving toward self-realization and actualization.