The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is responsible for the various non-classroom concerns and interests of the students of PAC.

Among these are Student Housing, Publication, Organization Activities, Leadership Activities, Guidance and Counseling, Grievance and Complaints, Culture and Sports, Accident and Insurance.


The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) fosters student learning and development by providing the highest quality program and services that enhance student's educational experineces and that prepare students to be contributing members of a diverse society.


The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) envisions a community where all students are inspired to explore thier hopes and dreams and to achieve their full human potential through involvement in collaboration, innovative and outcomes-oriented programs and services that exemplify the national hallmarks of Student Affairs' best practices.


The Office of the Student Affairs shall:

1. Promote learning and personal development, and academic performance through programs and services that enhance student success;

2. Foster health enhancing behavior and feelings of well-being within social, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and career dimensions;

3. Promote understanding and mutual respect of personal and cultural differences and similarities by buidling supportive and inclusive communities and celebrating our uniqueness;

4. Provide supportive environments where members of the college community may safely learn, meet, lve teach work, and relax;

5. Enhance a sense of community and engage students with the college through programs, services, events, clubs and organizations, employment, community outreach, and leadership opportunities; and

6. Assist students in internalizing campus processes and systems and in reducing barriers to their success. Contribute to the college community's understanding of students in and out of the classroom/campus.

Organizational Structure and Staffing

The Director, who spearheads and coordinates the activities, head the Office of Student Affairs and services provided by the Office. The heads of the different units and the secretary assist the Director.

The President designates the OSA Director, and confirmed by BOT, to coordinate the operation of units or department in-charge of student personnel services. The OSA Director is directly under the supervision of the Vice President for Academic and Cultural Affairs.

The Director shall perform the following functions:

a.  direct the planning, implementing and evaluating program of activities in  training and developing leadership potentials of each student;

b.  coordinates with other College programs and/or related agencies to induce inter-programs, agency complementation and maximization of information system;

c.  coordinates with the operation of units in charge of student personnel services, student health, student organizations and publications, student center, student residence, athletics, physical educaiton, guidance and counseling, placement, cultural and other extra-curricular activities subject to the general supervision of, and under such regulations as may be promulgated by the President.