In addition to other rights, and subject to the limitation prescribed by law and regulations, students shall enjoy the following rights: (Education Act of 1982).

  1. The right to receive, primary through competent instruction, relevant quality education in line with national goals and conducive to their full development as individuals with human dignity;
  2. The right to freely choose their field of study and, subject to existing curricula, to continue their course therein up to graduation, except in cases of academic deficiency, or violation of disciplinary regulations;
  3. The right to school guidance and counselling services for making decision and selecting alternatives in fields of work suited to his potentialities;
  4. The right of access to his own school records, the confidentiality of which the school shall maintain and preserve;
  5. The right to the issuance of official certificates, diplomas, transcript of records, grades, transfer credential and other similar documents within 30 days from request;
  6. The right to publish a student newspaper and similar publications, as well as the right to invite resource persons during assemblies, symposium and other activities of similar nature;
  7. The right to free expression of opinions and suggestions, and to effective channels of communication with appropriate academic and administrative bodies of the school or institution;
  8. The right to form, establish, join, and participate in organizations and societies recognized by the school to foster their intellectual, cultural, spiritual and physical growth and development, or to form, establish, join and maintain organizations and societies for purposes not contrary to law;
  9. The right to be free from voluntary contributions, except those approved by their own organizations or societies;
  10. The right to participate in the formation and development of policies affecting the school through representation in the appropriate body/ bodies of the school to be determined by the Governing Board;
  11. The right to receive reasonable protection within the school premises;
  12. The right to be informed of the rules and regulations affecting him;
  13. The right to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities;
  14. The right to due process of law;
  15. The right to be assisted by his school through current and adequate information on work opportunities; and
  16. The right to receive medical and dental services as well as first aid services. Every student shall be provided limited medical supplies for simple medication but has to provide for him medicine in case of major illness.