GREETINGS! All academic institutions are tasked to generate, transmit, disseminate and apply knowledge. In order to become relevant, they should not only content themselves with disseminating knowledge but generating  and applying them as well. This is exactly what the Pampanga State Agricultural University (PSAU)  does  to support and nourish the learning environment  for both faculty and the students and  assist other stakeholders.

The PSAU had continuously achieved quality R and D programs that  lend support to the learning opportunities of communities it serves, through its extension and training advocacy.    Its  multi-disciplinary R and D  Program, the results of which are shared and disseminated through  extension and training had continuously provided imperative, critical and independent culture that supports and develops intellectual capability.

The PSAU RDET program  had truly sought to advance the boundaries of knowledge and understanding. The multi-disciplinary RDET programs, implemented through the generous support of the administration, as well as national and international funding agencies and the heightened interest of the faculty  to conduct RDET activities, the awards and recognitions obtained,  all contributed to what had been achieved now.  With this, we  vow to continue what we had  started , as we  chart a  strong, relevant research and development, extension and training culture throughout the University. Everyone is invited to join us all along!