The Records Office

   Considering the various and voluminous activities of PSAU in the area of instruction, research, extension and production, an efficient records office is an essential unit in the University. The records office is responsible for collecting, creating systematic/organized files, and maintaining copies of office documents such as books, monographs, manual, photographs, videos/films in CDs-DVDs, sound recording (CDs), drawings, maps, memoranda, circulars, office orders and other legal/official documents.

     Office records and documents contain priceless historical value for any institution or organization. Their worth in the future can be as priceless as the legacy and contribution of the institution to the community it serves. At the records office of PSAU, the next thing that needs to be done is fast retrieval of documents/data and this can be accomplished through a computerized filing system.

     Records and reports include: minutes of the board meetings, minutes of faculty meetings, faculty directory, records of faculty training and experience, records of enrollment by class, gender and course, student directory, recorded data for statistics use, reports of administrative officials, summary of disciplinary matters, records of scholarships granted, etc. Adequate, accurate, accessible, up-to-date and systematic records are indicators of sound records management.


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