Director of General and Auxiliary Services (GAS)


  1. Provision of continuing maintenance, upkeep, and repairs to the University properties through the performance of the daily accomplishment checklist and scheduled work orders of the utility workers.
  2. Reliable supply of electricity and clean water to the University through the conduct of bi-weekly operations check to pumps and bi-monthly inspection to power lines and electric meters.
  3. Provision of the housing needs of the students and employees of the University through the processing of semestral students’ domiciliary applications and employees’ housing applications for available cottages.
  4. Efficient health services to the university community through the conduct of annual medical check-up for employees and students.
  5. Reliable and efficient transportation and machinery services for the university through the conduct of 5,000 km check to all vehicles and 1,200 hours operation check for machinery or every six (6) months whichever comes first.
  6. To obtain an average customer satisfaction rating of at least 80% with no individual rating in all services delivered below 70%.

Organizational Chart