The PSAU Administration, Business and Finance Office is committed to attain optimum clientsatisfaction through the continual improvement of its quality management system in theprovision of excellent administrative, financial, income generation, general and auxiliaryservices to ensure relevance in instruction, research, community service and incomegeneration for societal advancement that are compliant to applicable statutory and regulatoryrequirements.



1. To assist all units under the PSAU Administration, Business and Finance Office to ensure the attainment of the following annual performance targets prescribed by concerned government agencies:

1.1 . 100% obligations and disbursement Budget Utilization Rate (BUR);

1.2. 334 hours relevant international training hours and 500 hours relevant national / regional training hours attended by the faculty and staff members, including attendance to conferences;

1.3. Generate a Return on Investment (ROI) of at least 12% for all existing Income generating Projects (IGPs);

1.4. Attended / rendered to at least 80% services for health and auxiliary requirements of the University constituents;

1.5. No more than 10 formal complaints related to peace and order filed / recorded at the appropriate PSAU office; and

1.6. 100% compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

2. To obtain a yearly 80% customer satisfaction with no individual rating in all servicesdelivered by all units under the Administration, Business and Finance Office below 70%.