Director, Land and Agroecological Resources Management


  1. Promote the wise use of land, aiding its design, maintenance and management in a productive, cost effective and responsible manner.
  2. Ensure that the use of PSAU land meet changing human needs (agriculture, forestry, conservation) while ensuring long-term socioeconomic and ecological functions of the land
  3. Spearhead the combination of technologies, policies, and activities aimed at integrating socioeconomic principles with environmental concerns, so as to simultaneously: maintain and enhance production (productivity); reduce the level of production risk, and enhance soil capacity to buffer against degradation processes (stability/resilience); protect the potential of natural resources and prevent degradation of soil and water quality (protection); be economically viable (viability); and be socially acceptable, and assure access to the benefits from improved land management (acceptability/equity).
  4. Implement ecological approaches in agricultural management to make more effective use of soil, water, energy, and biological resources.