DWEE 107.1 FM D'Ani Kita radio station, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, is committed to serving its purpose to the Extension and Training Office clienteles and the community around Pampanga as a medium of information and technology dissemination that informs, addresses, and improves all the necessary and relevant topics/issues such as health, culture, lifestyle, agribusiness, science and technology, and organic farming through developmental programs.




  1. To serve as a medium of information and technology dissemination in order to inform, educate, and entertain the community, and promote social and economic local development;
  1. To become one of the main platforms for our PSAU extension clientele such as students, farmers, teachers, and all the people in the community in improving their welfare, livelihood, skills and knowledge, especially in the agricultural sector through developmental radio programs; and
  1. To bring communication between the farmers, fisherfolks, AEWs, agripreneurs, municipal agriculturists, LGUs and our university extension office in providing answers for their questions and keeping their suggestions, feedbacks for the betterment of service.



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