Vice President - Research, Extension and Training (RET)


GREETINGS! All academic institutions are tasked to generate, transmit, disseminate and apply knowledge. In order to become relevant, they should not only content themselves with disseminating knowledge but generating  and applying them as well. This is exactly what the Pampanga State Agricultural University (PSAU) does to support and nourish the learning environment for both faculty and the students and  assist other stakeholders.

The PSAU had continuously achieved quality R and D programs that  lend support to the learning opportunities of communities it serves, through its extension and training advocacy.    Its  multi-disciplinary R and D  Program, the results of which are shared and disseminated through  extension and training had continuously provided imperative, critical and independent culture that supports and develops intellectual capability.

The PSAU RDET program  had truly sought to advance the boundaries of knowledge and understanding. The multi-disciplinary RDET programs, implemented through the generous support of the administration, as well as national and international funding agencies and the heightened interest of the faculty  to conduct RDET activities, the awards and recognitions obtained,  all contributed to what had been achieved now.  With this, we  vow to continue what we had  started , as we  chart a  strong, relevant research and development, extension and training culture throughout the University. Everyone is invited to join us all along!


Vice-President for Research, Extension and Training (VP-RET)

  1. Reports directly to the President; promotes the university’s mission, and provides the executive and administrative leadership for the Research, Extension, and Training
  2. Evaluates and selects the RET directors / personnel, and recommends them to the University President for approval
  3. Directs and supervises the different RET offices, namely:
    • Office for Research and Development;
    • Office for Extension and Training;
    • Knowledge Management Center;
    • Alternative Low Input Agricultural Systems (ALIAS) R&DE Center;
    • Tamarind R&DE Center;
    • Bamboo R&DE Center; and,
    • Other emerging R&DE Centers
  4. Plans and oversees the implementation of programs, projects and activities of RET offices and approved policies on RET matters including the periodic monitoring and evaluation activities
  5. Serves as Vice Chairman of the RET Council and presides over its meetings in the absence of the University President;
  6. Directs review, formulation, revision and/or amendment of policies relating to RET matters for approval of the University President and endorsement to the RET Council for approval of the Board of Regents
  7. Plays an active role in proposing and coordinating policies and procedures in the areas of contracting, inventions, copyrights, software, publications and on policies and procedures on animal and human use in research
  8. Assumes a lead role in initiating and evaluating research ¬institutes/centers and extension linkages and collaboration for MOA and MOU formulations
  9. Reviews and recommends work and financial plans of various RET Offices including their Annual Procurement Programs (APP) for supplies, materials and equipment outlays, in collaboration with the Vice President for Administration and Finance, the University Planning Officer and the Budget Officer for approval of the University President
  10. Acts as chair of the Research and Development Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (RDMEC)
  11. Performs routine functions pertaining to:
    • Approval of requests for travel on official business or on official time only for a period up to one (1) month of all RET personnel, upon the recommendation of the concerned RET Directors;
    • Approval of requests of RET personnel to participate in professional development activities for a period up to one (1) month, upon the recommendation of the concerned RET Director and/or Dean; and
    • Review and recommend to the Office of the University President the Office and Individual Performance Commitment Ratings (OPCR/IPCR) of the Heads of Offices under the Office of the Vice President for RET
  12. Evaluates and recommends nominees for RET related trainings, awards/incentives, and the like for the University President's consideration and endorsement to the Board of Regents
  13. Submits an annual report on research and extension and other related activities to the University President
  14. Acts for the President on his/her absence or inability to act, undertake such additional duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the President