DIrector, Administrative Services


General Functions

The Administrative Services Division (ASD) is tasked to supervise and monitor the performance of the following offices; to wit: Human Resource Management Office, Records Office, Supply Office and Security Office to ensure the attainment of their annual performance targets in compliance to all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Specific Functions

Below are the specific functions to be performed by the Administrative Services Division:

1. Supervises all offices under the Administrative Services and monitor the offices’ accomplishments in performing their respective targets and objectives and ensures that all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are being complied;
2. Evaluates employees’ performance and recommends development program for approval of the Vice-President for Administration, Business and Finance;
3. Evaluates documents and other compliances of the University to Prime-HRM;
4. Conducts meeting with heads of Administrative Services for information dissemination, monitoring, and evaluation; and
5. Performs other functions that may be assigned by the Agency Head and Vice-President for Administration, Business and Finance.