Ms. Myrna B. Lorenzo
DIrector, Financial Services

Functions and Services

General Functions:

The Finance Division is tasked to monitor and supervise the performance of the four (4) units under its wing: Accounting Office, Budget Office, Cashier Office, and Procurement Office for the proper implementation of their duties, attainment of their objectives and targets in compliance to all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Specific Functions:

1. Monitors the performance of the offices under the Finance Division in terms of accomplishing their daily tasks to ensure attainment of their objectives and targets;

2. Reviews all financial documents like PPMP, funding request letters prior to release to the Office of the Vice President for Administration, Business and Finance (VP-ABF) for her/his endorsement;

3. Reviews and signs Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Accountability Reports for submission to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and Commission on Audit (COA);

4. Evaluates the performance of the Finance unit heads and staff through their OPCR and IPCR;

5. Conducts meetings with each unit to give updates and advice on information affecting their office; and

6. Performs other functions that maybe assigned by the Vice President for Administration, Business and Finance, and the Head of the Agency.