OIC, Human Resource Management Office


  1. To recruit and select highly qualified and competent candidates to support the needs of the University in a timely manner and 100% compliant with existing Civil Service rules and regulations.
  2. To monitor the timely submission of Individual Performance Commitment and Review (IPCR) of PSAU employees and prepare a list of IPCR ratings in January of the succeeding fiscal year.
  3. To provide at least one (1) learning intervention to each regular employee of the University annually.
  4. To process within three (3) working days applications for leave of absence, issuance of employment records, certifications, and other relevant documents.
  5. To manage human resource records in terms of maintenance, usage, and control, compliant with government records management standards.
  6. To enforce compliance with government-mandated requirements and policies concerning human resources.
  7. To obtain an average customer satisfaction rating of at least 80% with no individual average ratings in all services delivered below 70%.