Director, Management Information System


  1. Facilitate the decision-making process by furnishing information in the proper time frame. Hence, helps the decision-maker to select the best course of action;
  2. Provide systems that will efficiently and effectively process people (employees, students, and stakeholders), information query space, repositories for official documents, and other related materials that needed to be converted digitally;
  3. Develop and implement office automation systems to enhance activities and communication to boost productivity and efficiency while maintaining data integrity and security;
  4. Keep the university’s digital space safe by creating a Cyber Security team that will protect all information pertaining to its operations, employees, students, and stakeholders;
  5. Repair and maintain PSAU ICT equipment to prevent viruses and malware, speed up computers, keep antivirus software’s up-to-date, and maximize software efficiency; and
  6. Sustain website updates and connectivity to guarantee global access to the university’s programs and activities