Head, Records Office 


  1. Orderly, systematic and efficient flow of communication throughout the university which provides necessary information in the form needed to facilitate the process of decision making concerns within the university.
  2. Functional and complete inventory of all records holding of the University that have already reached their maximum retention periods in compliance with the requirements of the National Archives of the Philippines (NAP) on the General Records Disposition Schedule (GRDS) as provided in the R.A. 9470, otherwise known as the National Archives of the Philippines Act of 2007;
  3. Functional, orderly and systematic control of access to all documents or record holdings under the custody of the Records Office thereby providing a total and consolidated security over the University’s records;
  4. Functional system of retention schedule of active/current records; segregation of active and inactive records; and transfer and presentation of archival records in compliance with statutory obligations;
  5. Orderly, systematic and timely receipt, recording and release of incoming documents;
  6. Functional and updated filling system of documents of the university; and
  7. To obtain an average client satisfaction rating of 80%.