Director for Research
and Development

Director’s Corner

One of the core functions of all academic institutions is Research and Development (R&D). R&D plays a crucial role in discovering new knowledge and developing technologies that benefit our society. Research for development has been one of humanity’s means to adapt and innovate over time and suffice it to say, research is one of the enablers of change. The Pampanga State Agricultural University has been constantly involved in many primary and applied research endeavors aligned with humanity, agriculture, nature, and entrepreneurship that are borne out of our faculty researchers’ passion, dedication, and expertise. These research outputs have resulted in products, patents, publications, people services, policies and/or partnerships that aimed to have a socioeconomic impact. Therefore, as a commitment to nation-building, we at the R&D Office, together with the university researchers, aspire to build on a culture of inclusivity with all our partner stakeholders to be a plethora of meaningful and transformative research engagements.