BAI-PSAU Satellite Cattle Breeding Center is a breeder farm funded by the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) thru the initiative effort of the PSAU Extension and Training Director Dr. Geraldine G. Sanchez, who stands as Program Leader. With coordination to College of Agriculture and Technology (CASTech) under the leadership of former Dean Dr. Myer G. Mula, all the requirements needed (technical aspects) for the approval of the proposal was fulfilled with the help of the designated faculty members of the Animal Science Department. While the proposal was still on the process of evaluation that time, the construction of cattle housing and facilities already embarked by the effort of Mr. Francisco B. Simbulan, Jr. who proposed the design. As the fund was approved and released by the BAI with coordination to Dr. Honorio M. Soriano, Jr. in January 2019, the construction of the housing was finished in March 2019. The breeding stocks composed of 32 heifers and 2 bulls were purchased from Padre Garcia, Batangas in June 13, 2018 and was handled by Prof. Ricardo D. Hernandez.

The purpose of SCBC is to serve as a nucleus farm for the collaborative program of PSAU and BAI on extension modalities in Pampanga. In line with this is the development of improved forage and pasture that will cater the breeding stocks for their nutrient need in reproduction. In addition, the technology on pasture management scheme, and feeding strategy for cattle in this project having an area of 5.7 hectare was the additional deliverables aside from the cattle to be dispersed. This is driven by the fact that in order for the extension program to be successful is to generate package of technology, which is more importantly needed by the beneficiaries. At present, the development of pasture and a research on feeding strategy for cattle is spearheaded by Mr. Perry D. Pediongco, SCBC project leader/manager and BIDANI faculty extensionist.