The Bamboo and Rattan RDE Center was established to serve the needs of the various clients especially those making furniture, houses and many others. It aims to conduct researches in the development and utilization of bamboo for non-food and food products.   This center serves as a demonstration farm and experimental sites for bamboo production. This center, which covers an area of 5 has, is also being used for instruction, research, extension and income generation through the production and selling of seedlings of different bamboo species. The Center has a collection of 23 different species of bamboos native to the Philippines as well as from other from countries.Over the years, these bamboo species especially the kwayan tinik, giant bamboo and bolo have been the subject of different researches funded locally and externally.

The Bamboo Production Facility was upgraded in 2018 with the purpose of enhancing the bamboo planting stock production in Central Luzon through the use of enhanced and improved nursery facilities. This facility complemented with the recently completed DOST-PCAARRD bamboo research funded project entitled “Development of Strategies for Propagules and Shoot Production of Three Bamboo Species in Pampanga” being undertaken by Pampanga State Agricultural University from 2016 to 2019.