The BS Mathematics Program

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is one of the courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. With Mathematics being a science, where pure mathematics lies at its heart. The subjects offered under this program are designed to integrate higher levels of Mathematical theories and practice in developing fundamental tools that can be used by the graduates to pursue higher studies or work in a variety of fields.

Program Objectives

  1. Develop the students’ skills and competence in the different areas of Mathematics.
  2. Train students on the strategies of presenting relevant methods and innovations in solving mathematical problems.
  3. Enhance the critical, analytical, and logical features of the students through effective instruction; and
  4. Produce more fit, better motivated, and more committed mathematics professionals who will become assets in the community.

Research Outputs

Accreditation Trail

As Pampanga State Agricultural University aspires to be a premiere educational institution for excellence, one way to gauge this very vision of the institution is through accreditation. Accreditation movement in the Philippines started in 1951, through the initiative of a group of educators from private higher education institutions who were convinced of the importance to enhance quality in higher education through a system of standards, continuous monitoring of implementation and self-assessment done on a voluntary basis (Arcelo, 2013). 

Accreditation agencies such as Accrediting Association of Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP) focus on programme accreditation for which they have developed specific instruments to measure the impact on the quality of higher education in terms of performance indicators. In terms of quality, AACCUP accreditation has four different levels, each entails specific benefits in terms of administrative autonomy and funding. The higher the level of accreditation, the more the autonomy granted to the institution. 

Out of 26 accreditable programs, 96% have received AACCUP Accreditation:

  • 4 at Level IV Re-accredited status
  • 10 at Level III Re-accredited status
  • 9 at Level II Re-accredited status
  • 2 at Level I Accredited status

Moreover, PSAU holds the prestigious SUC Level IV status, making it one of only three institutions in Region III to achieve this accolade. Furthermore, it is institutionally accredited at Level III by AACCUP and ISO 9001:2015- certified Quality Management System. PSAU has also been designated CHED Centers of Development for Agriculture, Biology, and Veterinary Medicine, as per CMO No. 38, Series of 2015. The validity of these designations was extended by CHED through Memorandum Order No. 03 in 2019.

Meanwhile, the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Program had its Level 1 accreditation from March 6 to 7 2006. It was awarded Level II Re-accredited on March 2009 with a grand mean of 3.76 or equivalent to “Very Good” Descriptive Rating. The BS Mathematics curriculum was also assessed by the Commission on Higher Education Technical Panel which was like a mini-accreditation which happened last September 10 2012. 

In July 2013, BS Mathematics Program was fully prepared to achieve the status of Level III Phase I AACCUP Accredited followed by Level III Phase 2 in 2014. In October 22-26 2017, Pampanga State Agricultural University subjected its BS Mathematics Program to an onerous job to pass the first cycle visit for Level IV Accreditation, the highest level program of accreditation.  This time the program fell short to the overall total that was why in August 2019, the areas III, V, VI (Curriculum and Instruction, Research and Extension and Community Involvement respectively) were revisited and through the effort of the whole program and college, the program achieved an Excellent Descriptive Rating and being recommended for Level IV Phase 2. 

The BS Mathematics program underwent Accreditation Level 4 Phase 2 evaluation from December 5-7, 2022. However, the areas of Research (Area I) and International Linkaging and Consortia (Area IV) did not meet the minimum requirements for accreditation. In response to the feedback from the previous evaluation, the BS Mathematics Program is now in the process of preparing for a re-visit as part of the Level 4 Phase 2 accreditation scheduled on December 4-6, 2023.