To be one of the pre-eminent veterinary schools in the country providing quality veterinary medical education and allied veterinary services and promoting research and development and extension.


The PSAU CVM will constantly exceed clientele expectations by providing the highest quality veterinary education and superior professional services through continuous development and investment in its human and technical resources.


  1. To provide an excellent comprehensive professional curriculum that educates students in the broad field of veterinary medicine and zootechnics, encourages critical and analytical thinking and prepares students for continuing education and professional growth.
  2. To promote growth and excellence in research in order to improve the health of animals, assure the wholesomeness of food animal products and contribute to the understanding of basic mechanisms or animal models of disease thus promoting public health.
  3. To provide an intellectual and physical environment that fosters creativity and enhances scholarly activity.
  4. To develop and sustain state of the art facilities including teaching and research laboratories and a veterinary teaching hospital facility to educate professional students, sup-port research, train specialists and serve as referral diagnostic and treatment center in the future.
  5. To educate students to become professional veterinarians who will engage in applied researches by involving them in high quality research programs.
  6. To provide continuing veterinary education, extension and consultancy services for veterinary practitioners and the communities