By RD San Jose

The PSAU-CVM team of faculty extensionists and student clinicians have been making the rounds in different barangays in Magalang conducting free neutering (castration and spay) of pets. The CHED-DARETO funded activity commenced in November 2018 and has since covered nine out of the 27 barangays in the municipality.

Canine and feline population control is conducted alongside anti-rabies vaccination in aid of rabies elimination. For rabies vaccination to be successfully, it is recommended that as much as 70% of the canine population should be vaccinated in a given area. In order to make this achievable, pet population control is recommended.

Prior to the conduct of the activity, the PSAU-CVM coordinates with barangay officials for the schedule and venue and the dissemination of information to pet owners. The team is scheduled to visit the following barangays to conduct the said activities: San Pedro 1 (July 2), San Nicolas 1 (July 9), San Nicolas 2 (July 12), Dolores (July 12), and Navaling (July 19).