PCPP members and participants on the 2nd day of the seminar-workshop on Poultry Nutrition and Diseases held on May 30-31, 2019 at PSAU-FTC.

By  KKDRomero

A two-day training seminar on Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition and Feed Formulation and Poultry Nutrition and Diseases was conducted by the US Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and Philippine College of Poultry Practitioners (PCPP) in cooperation with Pampanga State Agricultural University on May 30-31, 2019 at the PSAU Farmers Training Center. The seminar aimed to impart practical knowledge on the importance of providing proper nutrition to animals to practicing veterinarians, faculty, and students of PSAU. The dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Maria Fe S. Bulao, welcomed the participants and guests while PSAU president, Dr. Honorio M. Soriano Jr., delivered a message expressing his gratitude to USSEC representatives and PCPP members for holding their technical outreach program in the campus.

On day 1, Dr. Basilisa Reas, senior technical consultant of USSEC SEA, delivered an overview of the seminar and its components. She also gave the specific objectives of the seminar-workshop and provided points to level off the expectations of the participants. She reiterated that one of the goals of the seminar-workshop was to enlighten the participants especially the veterinary medicine students of the significant roles of nutritionists and feed formulators in the industry. A backgrounder on the USSEC, feed and animal industry status, and outlook in the Philippines were presented by Dr. Benito Oliveros, country representative of USSEC Philippines. Various lecture presentations were also given by reputable speakers: Amelita R. Galban and Dr. Marie Josephine Milagros B. Cruz, who are both nutritionists, gave a lecture on basic animal nutrition : raw materials, nutrient requirements and practical feeding of swine and poultry, respectively; Dr. Basilisa P. Reas discussed the role of US soybean on nutrition, quality, and performance in swine and poultry; Dr. Divina Gracia V. Boydon shared the value of recording and production parameters in swine raising; and Dr. Benito Oliveros talked about quality control parameters for soybean and SBM. The day was concluded by Mr. Eric Ruiz who facilitated the introduction and principles of basic feed formulation and demonstrated feed formulation using a software.

The second day of the activity was graced by the members of the PCPP. Dr. Renato Rollan, PCPP president opened the morning session with an introduction of the PCPP and an update on the Philippine poultry industry status and perspective for 2019-2020. A representative from the Bureau of Animal Industry, Dr. Anthony Bucad shared the agency’s experience in implementing measures to counter the impact of the Avian Influenza (AI) outbreak in Pampanga. Dr. Mel Umandal delivered an extensive lecture on emerging poultry diseases which was followed by Dr. Nancy Romano who discussed the nutritional and metabolic diseases in poultry. Dr. Joy Arandia-Literato discussed meat hygiene and safety guidelines and reminded the participants to always be mindful of meat safety. Dr. Arnel Bustamante shared pointers in setting-up poultry experiments, while Dr. Sol Benigno and Dr. Lina Policarpio shed light on the career opportunities for poultry practitioners in the Philippines and abroad.

The successful two-day seminar-workshop was packed with knowledge and insights from diverse experts in animal nutrition and poultry medicine.