M.G. Alviz

Vice President for Administration, Business, and Finance (VPABF)


The VPABF Office is in-charge in reviewing all financial and administrative documents to ensure that they are in accordance with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements before signing and recommending the final action of the University President.


The VPAF Office has the following specific functions:

  • Supervise all offices under the Administration, Finance, and Affairs, and monitor the offices’ respective accomplishments in performing their respective offices’ objectives of rendering quality services, and ensures that all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are being complied;
  • Recommend for approval of the University President all financial transactions, sign Purchase Requests (PRs), Disbursement Vouchers (DVs), checks, payrolls, requisition and issue slips, Advice of Checks Issued and Cancelled (ACIC)
  • Recommend for approval of the University President all documents concerning administrative, and signs/approves Form 6, Job Orders, appointments of administrative personnel, loan applications to GSIS, PAGIBIG, etc.


  • PSAU QMS Manual
  • GAM
  • COA Circulars
  • DBM Circulars
  • RA 9184
  • CSC Circulars


  • GAM – Government Accounting Manual
  • Disbursement Voucher – a document used for processing payment for particular transactions for any form of procurement made by the University
  • GSIS – Government Service Insurance System
  • PAGIBIG – Government Mutual Development Fund where government employees can avail of Multipurpose Loan and Housing Loan
  • COA- Commission on Audit
  • DBM – Department of Budget and Management
  • CSC – Civil Service Commission
  • RA 9184 – Government Procurement Law of the Philippines
  • ABC -Approved Budget for the Contract
  • APP – Annual Procurement Plan
  • PPMP – Project Procurement Management PlanThis document is a property of PSAU and the contents are treated in strict confidentiality. Thus, unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise, permitted by the PSAU Management. All inquiries regarding this procedure shall be directed to the Personnel who is responsible for its control.