The College of Engineering and Computer Studies (CoECS) was created following the conversion of Pampanga Agricultural College into Pampanga State Agricultural Univeristy (PSAU) on January 13, 2015. By virtue of Board Resolution No. 26-2015, the Institution of Engineering and Computer Studies (IECS) was renamed to College of Engineering and Computer Studies (CoECS).

Three relatively large departments contitute the College, formost of which is the Department of Resource Engineering and Agricultural Mechanization which originally started back in 1984 by virtue of Board Resolution No. 84-164. This department was created in response to the increasing demand for competent agricultural engineers. Then came the Department of Computer Studies and Automation(DCSA), which started as a collaboration endevour of the then PAC with ACE Computer Institute in 2001 as per Board Resolution No. 01-27. After six years of operation under the ACE Computer Institute, the managment of DCST was turned over to PAC upon the termination of their contract. And in response to the global competitiveness in the field of engineering, another program was established on March 22, 2013, with the offering of Bacherlor of Science in Geodetic Engineering under the Department of Geodetic Engineering, as approved by virtue of Board Resolution No. 13-09.


CoECS aims to provide professional and technical education in engineering, computer studies and allied fields, produce globally competent and versatile individuals, and promote research and development, extension and training, and production in these areas.